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LVIII. (58)

O Friends! look not out; for he that doth, is darkened [Eccl 12:3]. And take heed of lightness; take heed of the world, and of busying your minds with things not serviceable. A wise man's eye is in his head [Eccl 2:14], but a fool's eye is gazing up and down [Prov 17:24?]. Oh! be valiant for the truth upon the earth [Jer 9:3], and tread upon the deceit! And keep to yea and nay [Mat 5:37]; for he that hath not power over his own tongue, his religion is vain [James 1:26]. And take heed of knowledge, for it puffeth up [1 Cor 8:1], but dwell in the truth, and be what ye speak; he that abideth not in the truth, is led by the evil one [John 8:44]. Wait on the Lord, he will perfect his work amongst you; he that hearkens diligently to the teacher within [Isa 55:2?], denieth all outward hireling teachers [Mic 3:11]. He that is made the temple of the holy ghost [1 Cor 6:19], placeth no holiness in the world's temples. The teachers without exalt the carnal mind [Rom 6:7], but the teacher within destroyeth it. There is not a word in all the scripture to hold up the practice of sprinkling infants, nor the word sacrament, nor to hold up an hour glass, to preach by for an hour's time in a place; but the vain mind doth hold up many things, which Christ doth not command. Earth maketh masters, (amongst earthly men,) but let him that ruleth, rule in love; for the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof [Psa 24:1]. And he that laboureth, let him labour as to the Lord, in love. So let love be the head in all things, and then the Lord is exalted; then there is no eye service, but singleness of heart [Col 3:22]; then all that is done, is done as to the Lord [Col 3:23]. So be faithful in all things, and keep from the world's vain customs. Do not wear apparel, to gratify the proud mind, neither eat nor drink, to make yourselves wanton; for it was created for the health, and not for the lust, to be as servants to us, and we servants to God, to use all those things to his glory. To whom be praises, honour, and glory for evermore, who hath created all things to his glory, and so to be used and spent. Do not make profession to be seen outwardly, for Christ was condemned by the world, and the formal professors, and all his followers are as wonders to the world. Therefore marvel not if the world hate you [1 Jn 3:13], but rejoice. Look not back, but keep forward, knowing that the world is enmity with God [James 4:4]. Ye that know the light, love one another, and dwell in it, and know one another in it.

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[LIX. (59) — An exhortation to Friends, not to make flesh their arm.]


LX. (60) — To Friends, to keep in the fear of the Lord./

Friends,—Every particular, mind that which is pure of God in you, to guide you up to God, and to keep you in the fear of the Lord, that ye may receive refreshment from God alone in yourselves, and grow up in the inward man, nourished and strengthened by that which is immortal. And delight in that which shows you the deceit of your hearts, and judges that which is contrary to God, and be obedient to that which is pure; so ye will see the Lord God present with you, a daily help, his hand always ordering of you, and as a shepherd always keeping the dogs from his lambs, whom he feeds in green pastures [Psa 23;2], and waters with his heavenly dew of mercy, who makes them all fruitful. The cry of want and poverty shall be no more heard in the land of the living, but joy, gladness, and plenty. The wearied soul, that hath lain in the pit and in the mire, and lived in the clouds of temptation, and cried out for want of the Lord, shall cry plentious redemption [Psa 130:7], and say, God is our king, who fills heaven and earth, and the voice of our king is heard in our land [Song 2:14]. So fare ye well in the Lord! and the Lord God Almighty keep you and preserve you in his mighty power.

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Friends,—Dwell all in the immortal seed [1 Pet 1:23] of God, which is heir of the promise [Gal 3:29] of God, and doth inherit the same; so every one of you know the promise of God your portion, and the power of God your portion, and the kingdom of God, that is everlasting, without end, and the power of an endless life [Heb 7:16]; being heirs of that, come to inherit it, knowing it your portion, that ye may possess it, and increase in the same kingdom and power, and endless life. Here ye lay up treasure in heaven, where the thief, moth, nor rust comes not [Mat 6:19f]. And know the seed of God, in which is the election [Isa 65:9?], that never altereth nor changeth; which seed never changeth, neither doth it submit to that which doth change, but standeth steadfast and distinct from all the changeables. Which seed endeth all types, figures [Heb 9], and shadows, and variable things [James 1:17], and typical things, that do change; which seed doth not change, which is Christ, which keeps above all the inventions, rudiments, traditions [Col 2:8], vain talkers [Tit 1:10], and babblers, that be in the world, and standeth when they will be all gone and have an end. In which seed are power, wisdom, and life eternal, that remains for ever and ever, which hath the dominion in the life and power, and unchangeable wisdom of God, which is pure and gentle from above [James 3:17], and preserving above all the destroying; which <75> keeps up the heads of the living to life; in that live. Which seed of God breaks the head of them that go out of the truth, to wit, the serpents [Gen 3:15]. And here life goes over all in renown and dominion, and the top stone comes to be laid over all. So live in life, and the love, and the power of God, which was before man and woman fell; in that power ye are kept over all outward things, that have been set up, and are set up in the fall, which cause pride, and contention, and strife; which, if lived in, keeps out of the power, in which is the saints' everlasting fellowship, that stands and remains, and is everlasting, for ever and ever. In which power the living seed lives, and the living babes are preserved; in which power they have their food from the God of life, which is living, which nourishes the immortal babes up to the immortal God, with the immortal food; through which they come to be the living stones, that build up the spiritual household [1 Pet 2:5], who are the church in God; who are brought out of the state, where Adam and Eve with their sons and daughters are drove from God, up to God again by Christ, the power of God [1 Cor 1:24], who is the way to God, where the church is in God, that is the pillar and ground of Truth [1 Tim 3:15]. So all live in that which brings you up to God, out of the state of Adam and Eve, and their sons and daughters in the fall. In that power, (as I said before,) ye will have an everlasting fellowship with God, and one with another, which power of God was before the fall was. In that power ye will know one another, and see one another, in which ye shall ever be together; in which ye shall see and know your election [1 Th 1:4] before the world began [2 Tim 1:9]. So farewell.

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[LXII. (62)]


LXIII. (63) — To Friends, concerning the covenant of light and life.

Friends every where, to the measure of the life of God in you all take heed, that with it your minds may be guided up to the living God, from whence light and life come, and virtue, and strength, and nourishment; so that with the life ye may be kept from that which veils, and clouds, and darkens, where the mist of darkness [2 Pet 2:17] cometh over you. Wherefore to the measure of light take heed, that with it all your minds may be guided up to the Father of life, from whence life cometh; that the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus [2 Cor 4:6], ye may all come to enjoy. So that in peace, patience, righteousness, and temperance, and godliness ye may be kept, and all grow up in brotherly kindness [2 Pet 1:6f], and be kept from that which causeth strife, and sects, and divisions [1 Cor 3:3]; so that nothing may rule, but the light of God among you. To that which is pure and lowly, take heed, that mastery and strife may be thrown down, and the evil eye, and the eye that is out from the life of God, may be known and plucked out [Mat 5:29]; so that the light of the glorious gospel may shine, and that ye may all know it. And so, all awake to the righteousness of Christ, the righteousness of God, whom man was departed from, Christ the righteousness of God, who ‘enlighteneth every one, that cometh into the world [John 1:9], that all men through him might believe [John 1:7].’ So, all having a light from Christ Jesus, the righteousness of God, he is the way to the Father [John 14:6], whom God gave for a covenant of light [Isa 42:6], life, and peace. Therefore every one in your measures wait, that ye may see him, and come to witness the covenant of life and peace [Mal 2:5] with God, receiving his gift, Christ Jesus, the son and mediator. So this I warn you all in the presence of the living God, to wait every one in the measure of light and of life, that ye may all come to witness the seal of the covenant, and be led and kept with that which will keep you spotless, and clean, and holy, and righteous, where power is received from him, who hath given you a light; so that in the light ye may all have unity, and in it be kept, and all that which is contrary to it, with it may be condemned. And in this covenant of light and life, (the gift of God,) know one another, and him by whom the world was made, who was before the world was; who is now again manifested, (Glory and honour for ever be unto the Lord!) That the crown, that is immortal, ye may all come to see and receive, and your own crowns lay down at the feet of Jesus [Rev 4:10]. And so, his light being come to, all your own works are ceased from, and your own thoughts; which if ye follow them, they will lead you into error. Therefore wait in the light which comes from him by whom the world was made, to receive wisdom from him, that in it and with it ye may be preserved <77> from the world, and out of the world, to him by whom the world was made; and that wisdom may be justified of her children [Mat 11:19], and ye kept all low in the fear of God, from all strife and deceit, and dissention, and pollution, and hypocrisy, and dissimulation, single with the measure of light which comes from the Father of life. Every one to feel with the life of God, the arm of the Lord God not to be shortened; but to reach to every one of you all, and to carry you all in his arm, and gently to lead them that are with young [Isa 40:11]. So feeling the presence of the Lord God with you, ye receive virtue into your souls from the living God, who nourisheth his own living plant and plants. So the Lord God Almighty preserve you in the light, which shows to every one their evil deeds, and reproves for them [John 3:19f]; this is the true light, which if ye come to it, and love it, ye come to Christ, and love him by whom the world was made; and it will let you see the chief shepherd and bishop of your souls, and how ye have gone astray [1 Pet 2:25], like sheep without a shepherd. For it is that which restores you to Christ, the bishop of your souls, who is the prophet that must be heard [Acts 3:22]. And all who will not come to the light, which cometh from Jesus Christ, but hate it because their deeds are evil, they do know that the light will reprove them. Therefore this is their condemnation [John 3:19f], the light which is your teacher; who come to it, and receive it, ye receive Christ, and he giveth the power to become to the sons of God [John 1:12]; which many do witness, blessed be the name of the Lord. Therefore wait every one in your measure, to know the scripture fulfilled in you, which came not by the will of man [2 Pet 1:21], but was learned of God; which is for the perfecting of the man of God through faith in Christ Jesus, and is to be read and to be fulfilled, and to be practised, which was given forth from the spirit. Therefore every one wait in the measure of the spirit, to learn of him, as they did who gave it forth.

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LXIV. (64) — To Friends in the ministry.

All Friends, who are moved of the Lord to speak the word of the Lord, whom the Lord hath made to be his mouth, speak not your own words to feed the sensual part of man in your own wills; for there God is not honoured, and wisdom is not justified [Mat 11:19]. But ye that are moved to speak in steeple-houses, or to the priests, (who have not the word of the Lord, but the letter,) speak the word of the Lord faithfully [Jer 23:28], neither add to it with your reason, nor diminish from it [Deut4:2] with a disobedient mind; but speaking the word of the Lord faithfully it is sharper than a two-edged sword [Heb 4:12], to cut down all deceit, and as a fire to burn up the chaff [Mat 3:12]; and it purifies you that speak it [1 Pet 1:22]: and so as a hammer it will break down all the contrary [Jer 23:29]. And the word is but one, which sanctifies all [1 Tim 4:5], <78> and cleanseth the heart, and sanctifies and reconciles to God. And the light is but one; and all being guided by it, all are subject to one, and are one in the unity of the spirit [Eph 4:3]. And if your minds turn from the light, and that mind speak of the light, there gets up pride, and presumption, and the will; and then ye begin to strike your fellow-servants [Mat 24:49].

Therefore, all dear friends and brethren, be servants to the truth, and do not strive for mastery, but serve one another in love [Gal 5:13]. Wash one another's feet, take Christ for your example [John 13:14], that I may hear of no strife among you: but all walk in the truth, and in the love of it, up to God, for there ye are my joy and crown [Phil 4:1] in the Lord. Children would be striving; but that which would have the mastery, must die, and shall not enter into the kingdom of God. Therefore mind not high things, but fear, and condescend to men of low degree [Rom 12:16]; for the fear of the Lord keeps the heart clean, and the pure in heart see God [Mat 5:8].

And, friends, spread yourselves abroad [Zech 2:6], that ye may be serviceable for the Lord and his truth, and get over the head of the wicked, and trample all that which is contrary to God under your feet [Psa 91:13?]; that ye may answer that of God in every one. And him, who was promised to be the covenant of God to the Gentiles [Isa 42:6], and the new covenant to the Jews [Jer 31:31], hold forth to them both; that all may know him their leader to God, and the prisoner to come forth unto him.

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LXV. (65)

This is the word of the Lord to all Friends, and fellow-labourers in the truth, who are subduing the earth [Gen 1:28], and its earthly knowledge, and its carnal wisdom, and beating down and threshing down that, in hope to get forth the wheat, and to be made partakers of your hope [1 Cor 9:10]; I charge you all, dwell in the light, which doth comprehend the world, their evil ways, their will worships [Col 2:23], what they worship, and what is their end in all their actions: so that ye may yoke the oxen, and bridle the horses, and tame the wild heifers [Hos 10:11?], and bring them to Christ's yoke [Mat 11:30], that is, to the light; bring every one unto it, to see their way to salvation, and with it every one may know their condemnation, who act contrary to it. Wait all on the Lord, that ye may be settled and stayed in the Lord, and to grow up in the light, that gave forth the scriptures; that there may be no stumbling about the words which came from the light.

For no creature can read the scriptures to profit thereby [2 Tim 3:16], but who come to the light and spirit that gave them forth.

Love the truth more than all, and go on in the mighty power of God, as good soldiers of Christ [2 Tim 2:3], well fixed in his glorious gospel, and in his <79> word and power; that ye may know him, the life and salvation, and bring up others into it.

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LXVI. (66)

All Friends, meet together in the light, that with it ye may see the Father of life amongst you in your meetings. And so, the Lord God of power be with you, and keep you.

And the Lord God Almighty give you dominion over the beasts of the field, and the fowls of the air, the fishes in the sea, and all creeping things [Gen 1:26,28]. And the Lord God Almighty be with you all! Farewell.

And all live in peace, in love, in life, and in the power of the Lord God, and keep your meetings, every one of you waiting in the power of God upon him; that in it ye may have unity with God, the Father, and the son [1 Jn 1:3], and one with another [1 Jn 1:7].

And, dear friends, let wisdom guide you in patience, and do not strive with any in meetings; but dwell in the power of the Lord God, that can bear and suffer all things [1 Cor 9:12, 13:7]. And make no strife [Phil 2:3] among Friends, but live in that which makes for peace, and love, and life, in which edification is known [Rom 14:19].

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LXVII. (67) — To Friends, concerning marriages.

Whom God joineth together, are with the light (which is eternal) in the unity, in the covenant of life and of peace [Mal 2:5], and this marriage is honourable, and this bed is not defiled [Heb 13:4]. For the light leads from all whoredom and adultery, which God will judge. For there is no marriage honourable, but what is in the Lord, and that is in the light; with which light the covenant of life is known and seen, and the faith in Jesus (the gift of God) [Eph 2:8] is received: and they that forbid marriage, are out of the light, and in the doctrine of devils [1 Tim 4:1]. And they who are in the light, ‘whom God doth join together, let no man put them asunder [Mat 19:6];’ for they that seek to do so, are in that nature which acts contrary to the light. And this marriage, which is honourable with the children of the light, is seen and known, who are in the covenant of light, and with the light are turned to the Lord Jesus Christ, who leads from all the works of darkness [Rom 13:12]. And none who are in the light, are afraid of their deeds being tried, but they bring them to the light, to be tried, whether their works be wrought in God [John 3:21]. Now who follow the motions of the flesh [Rom 7:5], fulfilling the desires of their will, and go into the lust of the flesh [Eph 2:3], such are adulterated from the light, and their marriage is not honourable, and the children of the light cannot approve of them. But whom God doth join together, they are led from the evil motions of the <80> flesh; and the children of the light do approve of and justify them. And who follow the motions of the flesh, are in the eagerness, lust, extremes, excess, and the hastiness; and that mind is afraid to declare its work, though afterwards is forced by constraint [1 Cor 3:13]: and that the children of light cannot justify, which is done in that nature contrary to the light. Therefore the joining together in the light, the children of the light do honour and justify, and the light doth not hide from its own; but the darkness hides from the light, and is afraid to be reproved. Therefore, all ye children of the light, let your light so shine before men [Mat 5:16], that the marriage which is honourable may be witnessed, and all that is contrary to the light, condemned. Therefore let all proceedings in such things, where they are intended, be declared to the children of light, that therewith they may have unity, and all the motions and works of the flesh may be condemned, and that the pretence of the spirit's moving may not be a cloak or cover for the beastly lust; but that all such proceedings may be searched into by the light, and tried whether they stand in or out of the covenant. . . .

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LXVIII. (68)

Friends,—Know the life and power of God in yourselves, and one in another, and to that power be obedient, to thresh down all deceit within and without you in wisdom, and in that dwell which comprehends the world; and know the rest, which is for the people of God, which he that believeth hath entered into. So know the life that stands in God; and all know the power of God, for that power shall never be shaken nor change, but will shake down all that must be shaken and will change [Heb 12:27]. So in that the Lord God Almighty preserve you, which giveth you to see, where there is no changing nor shadow [Jas 1:17].

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LXIX. (69) — To Friends at Malton.

All my dear friends at Malton,—Mind that which is pure in you, that ye may grow up in the power, out of the form. And take heed of deceit, and of jarring one with another; take heed of strife and confusion in your minds. But mind the pure life of God in you, according to your measures, to guide you up to God out of the flesh, and all the ways and works of it, within and without, which that which is pure <81> and holy, calls all unto. So all walk in the wisdom of God, which is given into the pure heart, that none of your nakedness may appear, and men see your shame [Rev 3:18, 16:15]; but all wait in the spirit upon God the Father of spirits, to be clothed with his righteousness. So God Almighty keep you and bless you; the blessing of the Lord be with you and among you! I am with you, present in spirit, (joying and beholding your faith towards God, which ye have in Jesus Christ,) though absent in body [1 Cor 5:3].

And all Friends, quench not the spirit [1 Th 5:19] of God in you, but live in the authority of the son of God and his power, whereby ye may be kept on top of the world.

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[LXX. (70)]

LXXI. (71) — To Friends, to live in the power of God, in Christ that never fell [1 Pet 2:22].

Dear Friends,—All be faithful in the everlasting seed, in which ye have life and power, dominion and wisdom, and clothing with that which is immortal, and the blessing of the Lord, and peace in the seed, Christ, that never fell [1 Pet 2:22] nor changed, nor will change [Heb 13:8]; in whom ye have peace, in whom ye have blessings, who takes away the curse. For the peace is in the second Adam [1 Cor 15:45,47] that never fell, Christ Jesus, and the blessings and the righteousness are in him; but the troubles, and the curse, and the unrighteousness and misery are in Adam in the fall, and all deceitful teachings, ways, and worships. And so, sit not down in Adam in the fall, but in Christ Jesus that never fell, (then in him ye will all have life,) that was with the Father before the world began. He ends all the types, figures, and shadows, first covenant, and priesthood [Heb ch 7-10], and ways in the fall, in old Adam, Christ that never fell, who is the way [John 14:6], who is the substance [Heb 10:34]; in him (I say) sit down, and then ye will be all found in the endless life. For Adam lost his habitation and Eve [Gen 3:23f], and the apostate christians from the righteousness, from the law, <82> and from the power of God. Therefore ye that are come to Christ Jesus the substance, the end of the prophets [Dan 9:24], in whom ye have life, (as I said before,) which was with the Father before the world began, in him live, and love one another, and serve one another in love [Gal 5:13], and in the fear and wisdom of God, that is above Adam and Eve's sons and daughters' sensual, devilish wisdom [James 3:15] in the fall. And so keep your meetings in the name of Christ Jesus [Mat 18:20], that never fell, then ye will see over all the meetings of Adam and Eve's sons and daughters in the fall, their confused meetings and gatherings, who are out of the habitation of righteousness [Job 8:6] and holiness [Isa 63:15], and so out of peace. So in the life (Christ) live, in whom ye have peace, keeping your habitation in him; that none be as the untimely figs [Rev 6:13], nor as the corn upon the house top, that is soon withered and gone [Psa 129:6, Isa 37:27]. But that ye may live in the seed, the substance [Isa 6:13], Christ the life, in whom ye have riches that never fade away [Heb 10:34]; feeding upon the tree of life, whose leaves heal the nations [Rev 22:2]. So live in unity one with another in the life Christ Jesus, that the seed may be all your crowns. And so farewell. My love to all Friends in the seed of God, Christ Jesus, who was with the Father before the world began.

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[LXXII.(72) — To Friends in the North.]


LXXIII. (73) — Concerning Tithes. [Heb 7 passim]

All Friends, who are in the eternal light, ye see the figures, the shadows, and the types, (the beginning and ending of them,) and with the light ye come to see the substance of the things shadowed and figured forth [Heb 11:1?]. So all in the light dwell, that with it ye may come to know the ministry of life, and the ministry of condemnation [2 Cor 3:9]; that with the light ye may come to witness the substance, Christ Jesus [Col 2:17]. And with the light ye will see what the apostle meant, when he spake of tithes and offerings, and of the changeable priesthood [Heb 7], and when he spake of the substance of those things he had before spoken of; who with the light denied the first priesthood, the tithes and offerings that were changeable. . . . And bear witness to the sum and substance, Christ Jesus, and show forth that to them all. And declare it to the highest judicature in the nation, when ye suffer for the testimony of Jesus, that ye witness to the substance, Christ Jesus, who is ascended far above all the principalities and powers [Eph 4:10/Col 1:16]; and that ye witness to the ministry of life. And show forth the substance to them, (if ye have an opportunity,) showing to them, that ye suffer for conscience sake. And so over the world stand, and over all their evil works, and bring all men's works to the light. And being guided by the light, it will let you join to none of their vain inventions, that are acted and made in that nature that is contrary to the light; it will bring you to witness the sum and substance, Christ Jesus, over all the world. And so, if the spoilers take your goods [Heb 10:34], let them go, and let them take the coat also [Mat 5:40]. . . <84> . . . And none act any thing in your own wills. But who act contrary to the light, and pay tithes, go to the changeable; and with the unchangeable are cast out from the children of light [John 12:36]. And so the children of light are one in the light, and with the light see the body, and Christ Jesus the head [Col 1:18], and are all one in him [Gal 3:28]. Where did any sue one another for tithes under the first priesthood? But with the light the primitive christians witnessed Christ Jesus, the substance of the things typified in the first priesthood's time. To the light of Christ Jesus in all your consciences, which comes from Christ, I speak, that ye may see what ye act; and that such as are sued for tithes, may look to the sum and substance, the unchangeable priest Christ Jesus [Heb 7:24].

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LXXIV. (74)

My dear friends, live in the immortal seed and power of the Lord God, that ye may meet in that, and in that feel one another. And live in the spirit, in which ye will have unity and peace [Eph 4:3], and the spiritual weapons, to cut down the spiritual enemies of your peace. And dwell in the life and power of God, that ye may have dominion, and come to witness that ye are the heirs of the power of an endless life [Heb 7:16], and of a world whereof there is no end; and so in this keep your meetings. And dwell in the peaceable seed, which destroyeth that which causeth troubles, wars, and fightings [James 4:1] ; in that dwell, which was before that was, in that will ye have life and peace everlasting.

And living in the seed, ye will see the everlasting commander, that saith, ‘Swear not at all [Mat 5:34];’ and the witnesses of the true seed say the <85> same. And this is the command of the royal seed, which is the everlasting commander among the believers, and to all others [Isa 55:4]; and they that believe not in the light, it condemns them, being in the evil. The oath bound to God in the time of the law and the prophets; but Christ, the oath of God, the everlasting covenant [2 Sam 23:5], ends the law and prophets, who bringeth up to God, and destroyeth the devil [Heb 2:14], and endeth strife and oaths, and fulfils the law and the prophets.

And the everlasting command of the royal seed is, to love enemies [Mat 5:44], (which the Jews were allowed to destroy,) for ye are all brethren [Mat 23:8], not ruling in lordship, like Jews and Gentiles, but the greatest shall be as the least among you Mat 23:11]; for the seed is one in all, and that is the master, who destroyeth the devil. And to respect men's persons is a transgression of the royal law [James 2:9]; let there be no such thing among you. But let every one believe in the light, and then in it see their salvation; [Isa 52:10] and ye will receive power to become the sons of God [John 1:12]. Let no one have but one wife, for Christ hath but one, his church, which is his people.

So in the power and in the bed of purity, in the singleness of virginity, and in the beauty of holiness [Psa 29:2] live, where righteousness, and holiness, and truth dwell together, and peace in the kingdom of power, where is the everlasting joy, peace, and dominion, and victory, where the bed is not defiled, but the marriage that is honourable is known [Heb 13:4]; in that live.

About am I compassed with the virgins pure, and the undefiled ones are my joy. The virgins trimmed with oil in their lamps, enter in with the bridegroom. [Mat 25:1-10] And all ye virgins pure, lose not the ornaments of the Lord, but wait, that ye may be married to the lamb in the everlasting marriage [Rev 19:7], and remain with him in the world that is without end.

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LXXV. (75)

Dearly beloved friends and brethren, in the power, and life, and seed of God all dwell, serving one another in love [Gal 5:13] and in the wisdom of God, that with it ye may be ordered [Wis 8:1] to the glory of the Lord God; that nothing may reign but life itself, and in it be faithful. Keep all your meetings, and know the power of the Lord God among you all.

Ye must do nothing for the Lord by earthly policy, nor trust to that; but wait in the power of the Lord God, and be ordered by that to his glory. Ye will never be right, till then, and that must keep peace among you.

And take heed of highmindedness [Rom 11:20], for that will puff up that part which should not be exalted; and if that come up to rule which is for judgment, then it will do hurt. But when he comes to reign whose <86> right it is [Ezek 21:27], then peace and good will are unto all men [Luke 2:140; and no hurt in all the holy mountain of the Lord [Isa 11:9] is seen.

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O all Friends! in the unchangeable life and power, and seed of God live, and be out of the low, earthly, changeable spirit of the world [1 Cor 2:12], which is given to changing and tossing, and tempest and waves [James1:6], by which dirt is cast up [Isa 57:20]. Oh! therefore, the life and power of God and his seed live in, which never changeth, by which every one may stand in the power of God, and in his life and wisdom, through which ye may all live. And stand steadfast in the unchangeable life and seed of God, which was before changings and alterings were; and which will remain when they all are gone.

So, God Almighty in that preserve you, in which ye may have the blessing among you, and God's wisdom to order you [Wis 8:1], (both men and women,) to his glory; that so in his fear ye may be preserved to the glory of God, in his wisdom and life, in that which doth not change, in which ye may feel the unchangeable fellowship.

And friends, be wise and low, and take heed of abusing the power of God; but live in it, in the still life, patient, to the answering the good in all, to the refreshing one of another, and not to the stumbling. But mind that which keepeth in unity, in the life, though never so little.

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LXXVII. (77)

Friends, in the measure of the life of God wait, to guide your minds up to the Father of life, where there is no shadow nor changing [James 1:17]. As ye come hither, ye must know a removing and changing of that which will change, with that which doth not change; to that take heed to guide all your minds, that none be found naked [2 Cor 5:3]. For who are found naked, they are in that which hath an end, and doth change, and that causeth blindness [2 Cor 4:4]. And therefore to you all this is the word of the Lord: in the measure of the life wait, that it may join your hearts unto the Father of life, that clothing and righteousness ye all may come to receive [Isa 61:10], and come to feel your strength renewed [Isa 40:31] from the God of all strength, to every one of you according to your measure, and see him that shows mercy. And so live in peace, which comes from the God of all peace, who bruises satan under your feet [Rom 16:20], who hath ruled. So here the love of God will come to be shed abroad in your hearts [Rom 5:5], which love is one, and doth not change; in it dwell, and grow and abound, that over all that which is contrary to the Lord of life, who destroys death [1 Cor 15:26], <87> ye may reign every one over your own hearts, and lusts, and vile affections, and your former vile conversation, disposition, and nature, and wills. So that ye may come to know the saints' state, unto whom all things were become new, and the old things were passed away [2 Cor 5:17]; and that which doth not change, which is new, that mind, to guide all your minds up to the living God, from whence light, life, and power come. So in it the Lord God of life preserve you, that to him ye may be a sweet smelling savour [2 Cor 2:15]; for that which will corrupt, and doth corrupt, and will grow ragged, and come to be torn, and will die of itself [Lev 22:8], and will wither, fade, and stink in the nostrils of God, is that which is contrary to the measure of the life of God, and is with the light condemned. Therefore wait, (I do warn you all in the presence of the living God,) in the measure of the life of God, in it to grow up in love, in virtue, and in immortality, in that which doth not fade, which joins and unites your hearts together; and that all that may with the light be condemned, which is contrary to it. For that which doth defile, is out of God's kingdom [Rev 21:17] , and is with the light seen and condemned; in which light the children of the light walk [Eph 5:8], and have unity one with another [1 Jn 1:7], and with the son of God, from whence it comes.

And, my dear friends, keep your meetings, and ye will feel the seed of God among you all, though never a word be spoken among you. But be faithful, that ye may answer that of God in every one. And do not neglect your talents, but be faithful in the power and life of God, which ye have received [Mat 25:14-30]. And dwell in the life, and power, and love of God one with another.

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[LXXVIII. (78)]

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