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XLVI. (46)

To all Friends who are in the unity, which is in the light; walk in the light [1 Jn 1:7]. It is one light that doth convince you all; and one Christ, that doth call all to repentance, up to himself the one head, which is Christ [Eph 4:15]. The wise man's eye is in his head [Eccl 2:14], who changeth the mind, and calleth from above to that which lies below; it is he alone that gives faith, and all who are in this faith are one. It is one power that raiseth up the seed; and your faith being out of words, in the power, ye are all one, and that seed is one; and ye are all one, if ye be ten thousand; which seed is one, which is Christ, and he is the master, which is one: and all the brethren who are in the spirit, are one. Ye have all one eye, which is the light [Mat 6:22]; one fire, which consumes all which the light discovers to be evil; and one spirit, which baptizes all into the one body [1 Cor 12:13], where there is no confusion, but pureness and oneness. Therefore all Friends, mind the oneness, and that which keeps you in the oneness and unity, it is that which keeps you out of the world; and this one light leads you out of darkness into the everlasting day, where ye see the church of God. But living in the darkness, and following that mind, it leads into the world's assemblies, who have the letter of the saints' words, but live out of the life, smiting at one another, fighting for the husks. But minding the light within, it leads you into the assemblies of the righteous, who are in the life. The kernel is to be found within, the husk is without, which the swine feed upon [Luke 15:16], but the pearl is hid from them; and the swine and the dogs would devour them in whom the pearl is found [Mat 7:6]. They are outsides, who feed upon outsides. God that made the world, and all things therein, seeing he is the Lord of heaven and earth, dwells not in temples made with hands [Acts 7:48], and hath made all nations of men, that dwell upon the face of the earth, of one blood, and hath appointed the times and seasons [Acts 17:26], and hath given to every one a measure according to their ability. God hath given ability to every one according to their measure, (that are faithful to it,) [Mat 25:15-30] and here is the righteousness of God received, and the wrath of God revealed upon the children of disobedience [Eph 5:6, Col 3:6]. The grace of God hath appeared upon all, which taught the saints to deny ungodliness [Tit 2:11f], and teacheth us; which the world turns into wantonness, and walks despitefully against the spirit of grace [Heb 10:29]; and yet tempts God and calls for grace. These are they that set up teachers without. And Christ saith, he is the light of the world [John 8:12], and hath enlightened every one that cometh into the world [John 1:9]; and he that loves the light, brings his deeds to the light [John 3:21], to him there is no occasion of stumbling [1 Jn 2:10]; and this teaching guides to God, the Father of light [Jas 1:17]. And the other, he hates the light, because the light will reprove him; here he knows his deeds are evil, <59> by the light. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light [John 3:19f]. And here thou must become silent, O flesh [Zech 2:13], that temptest God to give thee a sight of thy sins; for Christ hath enlightened thee, and given thee a sight of thy sins, which shall be thy condemnation, hating it. For thou that hatest it, hast it. And it is thou, that puttest the letter for the light, which was given from the light, from them that walked in the light; but thou hating the light given thee, thou knowest not the conditions of them that had the light, but puttest darkness for light, and light for darkness; and so wo rests upon thee! It is thou that puttest evil for good, and the wo rests upon thee! [Isa 5:20] And it is thou that art covered, and not with the spirit of the Lord [Isa 30:1]. And it is thou that standest not in the counsel of the Lord, but followest thy own imaginations, that art turned out from God; and so the wo rests upon thee! And thy kingdom and crown is pride; and wo is to the king of pride! [Isa 28:1?] And thou art the wicked, that forgettest God, who must be turned into hell; and livest in perverseness, and art a child of disobedience, who disobeyest the light; and so the wrath of God rests upon thee. But who love the light, and walk in the light, Jesus Christ is their king, whose gospel is preached to every creature [Col 1:23]. For death having passed over all men [Rom 5:12], all in the first nature are children of wrath [Eph 2:3], and all in the second are children of God. The seed is sown upon all sorts of ground; upon the highway ground, thorny, and stony ground, and good ground [Mat 13:3-8]. And Christ hath given to every one a measure, and ability according to his measure; he that improves not his measure [Mat 25:15-30], he hath the eye, and seeth not, and ear, and heareth not, and heart, and doth not understand [Jer 5:21/Isa 6:10]. And he is the thief, that steals the apostles' words, and Christ's words [Jer 23:30]. And is the drunkard who abides not in the light; gone from his measure, and so abides not in the doctrine of Christ. And this light shall be thy condemnation, when the book of conscience is opened, which should exercise your conscience, which will condemn you. And the wrath of God abides upon the children of disobedience.

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XLVII. (47) — To Friends in Cumberland, Bishoprick, and Northumberland.

All Friends every where, who with the light that never changeth, are convinced, and turned from darkness [Acts 26:18], in the light dwell, that ye may come to learn of Christ in the life, and with it know the movings of the spirit of life in you, that moves against all the works of death, and so works freedom. A measure of this living spirit and power being known in every one, and ye kept to it, with it ye are kept diligent, quick, and lively, to walk in the life; for it is the life that redeems, <60> which only overcomes, and gives an entrance into rest. Therefore every one of you know a measure of that spirit, which exerciseth meekness, truth, and faithfulness in you in power, which, as it is known, breaks the bonds of iniquity [Acts 8:23/Isa 58:6], and scatters the armies of the aliens [Heb 11:34]; that ye may all know, what it is to follow the Lamb with joy and peace in your minds, your hearts upright to your guide. Take heed that none of you walk by imitation of others only. For though the way they walk in be good to them who are in the light, yet thou art in darkness, and knowest not whither thou goest [John 12:35], nor canst ever receive any strength from God to carry thee on in the way, nor reward for it; and thy fellowship is not with God in that way, but with men, and in this way thou canst not be cleansed, but in the end thy labour will be lost. And of this sort are they that turn back, and speak evil of the way of God, when the way of God they never came into, nor his life, peace, and power; that is a way they never knew. By these the offence comes, and the stumbling block, whereby many are offended: but wo to such by whom the offence comes [Mat 18:7]!

And take heed of judging the measures of others, but every one mind your own; and there ye famish the busy minds and high conceits, and so peace springs up among you, and division is judged. And this know, that there are diversities of gifts, but one spirit [1 Cor 12:4], and unity therein to all who with it are guided. And though the way seems to thee diverse; yet judge not the way, lest thou judge the Lord, and knowest not that several ways (seeming to reason) hath God to bring his people out by; yet are all but one in the end. This is, that he may be looked to from all the ‘ends of the earth, to be a guide and lawgiver;’ and that none should judge before him [Mat 7:1? 2 Esd 7:19?]. Deep is the mystery of godliness [1 Tim 3:16]! Therefore silence all flesh [Zech 2:13], and see your own ways be clean [Psa 119:9]; and as ye grow therein, the way of peace [Isa 59:8] will be more prized by you, and the perfect bond ye will come to know. And all who are here established, shall stand in strength, when others fall on the right hand and on the left.

Dear friends, ye have long been convinced, and owned the Lord in word and form; and look for it, ye must be proved and tried, not only your faith and patience in persecution by the enemy without, (for that many of you have escaped,) but proved ye must all be with that which is nearer, even a falling away amongst yourselves. And it is good that the steadfastness of all should be known herein. For many are crept in unawares [Jude 1:4], who are ‘self-ended, slow bellies [Tit 1:12], who love this world more than the cross of Christ, who are got high in the form, and have great swelling words [2 Pet 2:18, Jude 1:16],’ which they can utter for their advantage in earthly things, deceiving the simple therewith [Rom 16:18], who are not yet got above the pollution of the world [2 Pet 2:20]. And this was ordained of old, for the manifesting of him that is approved [1 Cor 11:19]. And with that eye that leads <61> out of the fall, is he seen to be fallen, who hath got the saints' words to plead for that which is in the fall to uphold it. And here the oppressor would set his seat faster than before, the devil being now transformed into the likeness of an angel of light [2 Cor 11:4]. And thus is the scripture fulfilled, ‘My little children, this have I written to you, that when ye see this come to pass ye might not be amazed, as though some strange thing had befallen the church of God; but even the same that was of old, to prove you, and to perfect you against the devil: herein is he made manifest, that ye may know his wiles.’ [This appears to be a made-up quote– based on 1 Pet 4:12?] And great steadfastness shall it produce to all, who mind their standing upon Christ the rock [Mat 7:26f], and have salt in themselves [Mark 9:50] to savour withal. But that which will not come to the everlasting foundation, is apt to be tossed to and fro [Eph 4:14] with airy spirits, who are now gone out into the world [1 Jn 4:1, Eph 2:2], to deceive such whose hearts look back after worldly things. Therefore stand with your minds girded up to God [1 Pet 1:13] above the world, lest ye run in vain [Gal 2:2?], and lose your crown; which none receives, but he that continues to the end [Rev 2:10].

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Let this go to all the churches of the saints.

XLVIII. (48) — To Friends, concerning judging.

Friends, to you all this is the word of the Lord: take heed of judging one another [Mat 7:1f]; judge not one another (I charge you in the presence of the Lord) with that which must be judged; neither lay open one another's weaknesses behind one another's backs; for thou that dost so, art one of Ham's family, which is under the curse [Gen 9:22, 25] . But every one of you in particular with the light of Christ, (which he hath enlightened you withal,) see yourselves, that self may be judged out with the light in every one. Now, all loving the light, here no self can stand, but it is judged with the light [John 3:21]; and here all are in unity, and here no self-will can arise, nor no mastery; but all that is judged out. And let there be no backbiting amongst you; but in love, ye that dwell in the light and see clear, speak to the others, whose minds are gone from the light: else, as I said before, if ye do speak behind their backs, there will be the evil eye and filthy mind, which dare not speak to their faces [Prov 23:6f?]. And so the same mind which doth condemn behind the back, is for condemnation; and so self should be judged first. Here ye will be kept watchful in the pure fear and love of God, and all self will be judged out from amongst you, which would be judging in secret; which is a work of darkness. . . .<62> . . .

And Friends all every where, met together, waiting upon the Lord, that your minds may be guided by the spirit of God up to God. And know the life of God in one another, which all, whose minds are abroad, are strangers to, and to the covenant of promise; for the covenant and promise of life [2 Tim 1:1] is with and to the seed: and there is no sin, iniquity, or transgression in the covenant [Rom 11:27?]; for that is all judged, being out of the covenant of God. And therefore all wait, that ye all may come to witness the covenant of life [Mal 2:5] made with your souls, and to find the witness, the seal of the spirit [Eph 1:13], that ye are sealed to God with, and that ye may all witness sin and transgression finished [Dan 9:24], and blotted out by Christ Jesus, the new covenant of God; and ye may all come to know the Lord, and to love the light, which Christ hath given you to teach you; then ye will witness the covenant, yea ten thousands [Jude 1:14] will witness the covenant, Christ Jesus. For as the Lord said, ‘I will give him for a covenant of light to the Gentiles, to open the blind eyes [Isa 42:6f];’ and so, this light doth open the eyes of the blind. All ye that were blind as the Gentiles, or the Jews, ye know, that with the light your eyes are opened, and ye do see the new covenant, the unchangeable priest [Heb 7:24], the unchangeable covenant. So in that which changeth not, dwell, that that which is changeable and wavering, may be judged and condemned with that which changeth not. And though the ministration of condemnation was and is glorious in its time, yet the ministration of the spirit exceedeth in glory [2 Cor 3:8f], which changeth not; and there is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, the new covenant, who walk in the spirit. But who are in that which changeth, running into the changeable ways and works without, and are in that nature which hates the light, all such are for condemnation by the light [John 3:19f], which is eternal, and never changeth. And all the beggarly lusts, traditions, and rudiments of men [Gal 4:9, Col 2:8], which are acted in that nature, contrary to the light, are for condemnation by the light.
<63> . . . .

And friends, I charge you all in the presence of the living God, let no evil communication, nor evil words proceed out of your mouths. And if ye find the root in you not taken away, that would act such things, dwell in the light which lets you see the evil communications, and with the light give judgment upon it in the particular, and first judge it there; for that is it which corrupts the good manners. And there are no good manners, but all is corrupted whilst there is evil communication [1 Cor 15:33], and all that profession is abomination to the Lord, whilst that stands. . . .

So, all walk in the light with which ye are enlightened, for it will teach you all the good manners and pure communication, and condemn all corrupt manners and corrupt communication; and so to have the heart and mind cleansed from all such things. And all walking in the light, ye have the besom; labour to sweep the land [Isa 14:23] from all such corrupt manners and vain communication, and with the light all that comes to be judged down. So the light is the judge, and the condemnation; and in the light walk, and ye will shine.

And, my dear brethren in the covenant of life, keep to yea and nay [Mat 5:37], and (call the days,) First-day, Second-day, Third-day, Fourth-day, Fifth-day, Sixth-day, and Seventh-day, as they were given forth, and called by God in the beginning [Gen 1:5,8,13,19,23,31; 2:2]. The endless riches ye are made partakers of, and the endless inheritance ye are come to have a share of, heirs with Christ [Rom 8:17] of the kingdom that never fadeth away [1 Pet 1:4]; and ‘ye that suffer with Christ, shall reign with Christ [2 Tim 2:12].’ And to you all, friends, who are not come up to the covenant, and cannot witness that ye are come into it, and sealed, (by the spirit,) follow no image makers, but the life guiding you, which is eternal, that will hew down all imaginations, and likenesses, and images [Deut 12:3], and image makers, <64> that the glorious God, the Father of life, may be exalted, the ground of all truth [1 Tim 3:15]. . . . So all to know the ministry and prayer, which is from and in the spirit, and in it all are one; and by it all the contrary is judged. And take heed of pride, but by the eternal spirit keep all that down, and judge it. ‘The sacrifices of the wicked are abomination to the Lord, and he hears not hypocrites; but the prayers of the righteous are heard [Prov 15:8].’

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XLIX. (49)

Friends, dwell in the life and power of God, which doth teach you to deny yourselves, which keeps you from all strife, and from all deceit, that nothing may appear, but by the pure spirit it may be judged; and that by the spirit of God ye may all be kept up to him, who is a God of order, and not of confusion [1 Cor 14:33] . For all who are in confusion, are in that nature that is contrary to the light, who are with it to be condemned. And so the God of life be with you all, that the fear of the Lord may be set in all your hearts, that the dread, terror, and fear of the Lord amongst you may remain, and faith from him ye may all come to receive, and love. And let love proceed one towards another, from the faith which purifies [Acts 15:9], that all actions may be brought to the light, that all deeds contrary to the light, may with it be condemned [John 3:19-21]; that in peace and righteousness ye may all grow up in that which is eternal, guided to him who is eternal, taking all heed to the measure of God's grace [Eph 4:7], that with it your minds may be guided up to God, the Father <65> of life, and all your minds with the eternal kept to him, who is eternal. That the kingdom of God ye may all come to see, waiting in the light, taking heed to it, which calls to repentance, which informs your minds towards the kingdom of God, where there is no end [Luke 1:33], but love, joy, and peace for evermore. And wait in the light for power to remove the earthly part, that ye may all witness the kingdom, and joy in the holy ghost [Rom 14:17]; that with the light your minds may be kept up to God, who is pure, and in it ye may all have unity, who in the light of life do walk. For who act contrary to the light, this is their condemnation. And let no unsavoury speeches, nor profaneness, nor looseness, nor idleness, nor filthiness be amongst you, but be diligent, serving the Lord in the light; for all that which is contrary to the light, with the light is to be condemned. And to you this is the word of the Lord, that with the spirit of the Lord, that comes from the Father of spirits [Heb 12:9], ye may all come to witness the spirit of promise, and set to your seals [Eph 1:13] that God the Father of spirits is true. So in the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ be ye all kept and preserved; and keep together, and meet together, that ye may grow in the measure of God's grace.

G. F.

And dear Friends, in the eternal dwell, that as the plants of the Lord ye may grow; and who ye are the vineyard dressers, keep out the subtle and cunning foxes, who make their holes in the earth [Song 2:15, Mat 8:20]. If ye all dwell in the light, which was before the earth was, with it ye will preserve the tender plants.

And all Friends, in that which is pure, patiently wait to inherit the substance [Prov 8:21]; and in that dwell which sees beyond the shadow, types [Col 2:17], traditions, and evil lust. And dwell in the life, that ye may be nourished with living food, and be kept above the world in the light, that the son of God be not crucified afresh [Heb 6:6] with that which turns from the light into the lust. So, all ye that have a sight of this, and are come hither, wait in the light, that ye may grow up in the living word, to comprehend the world; that every one of your souls may come to find its rest, where no burden is, and the travail in the will of man is ceased [Mat 11:28-30]. For all those travails and burdens are among them that act contrary to the light, and the burden is their own, and the travail is their own; which is to be condemned with the light which leads up into life. And so the power of the mighty God of life be with you, which is raising up his living seed, and the seed is one, which is turning up the earth, and cleaving it asunder, and removing it out of its place, and bringing into the faith of Abraham [Rom 4:16], and to the God of Abraham. The Lord God be with you that dwell in the light, whose minds are turned towards Christ the way, from all that which Christ the light discovers to be evil. Ye children of the light, seek to turn many to the light, <66> and to wisdom's gate [Prov 1:20f] bring them, that ye may all come to be door-keepers in the house of the Lord [Psa 84:10], and see what must be kept out of his house, and what to receive into the house; and own no sacrifice but that which is from the living, which is accepted of the Lord [Rom 12:1?].

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L. (50)

All Friends, dwell in that which is pure, and wait for the power of God to preserve you in that which is pure, up to God. And know the seed of God in one another, that the knowledge which is after the flesh may die; and know the power of God in one another. Let your faith stand in that which throws out the earthly nature, and the loftiness of man [Isa 2:17]; which overturns the worldly wisdom and the carnal knowledge, which is brutish [Jer 10:14] and devilish [James 3:15]. Dwell in that which is pure, that ye may be able to discern, and savour, and comprehend that which is not pure; and wait in that which is pure, to have your minds guided thereby, which will let you see God, and show you your evil thoughts, and judge them; and is a cross to your evil desires, wills, and lusts. I say, dwell in that which is pure, which will guide you to God; but if ye lust, (as aforesaid,) then the pure is veiled, and the light mind speaks at random, with a drunken spirit, and not from the mouth of the Lord. And there lodgeth the dreamer [Deut 13:1, Jer 27:9], and the lying spirit [1 Ki 22:22f], and the false prophet [Rev 16:13], and that which is like the truth but is not the truth; but dwelling in the truth, this will be discovered. And wait upon God in that which is pure, for the receiving of that which comes from God, which is living, which nourisheth up to everlasting life. So God Almighty be with you!

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LI. (51)— To Friends, concerning the cross of Christ, the power of God [1 Cor 1:18], that leads out of the world, to the world that is without end.

The cross is to the carnal part, which is the ground of images, the ground of the seducers, and the ground of the false prophet and antichrist; the cross is to that ground, to the root and life of it. This being minded, which is pure and eternal, it makes a separation from all other lovers, and brings to God, and the ground of evil thoughts comes to be opened, and the cross is to that ground; which cross overturns the world in the heart. Which cross must be taken up by all, who follow Jesus Christ [Luke 9:23] out of the world which hath an end, into the world which is without end; and all the evil things of the world must be denied. For ‘who loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him [1 Jn 2:15];’ but where the world is standing, the cross is not lived in. But <67> dwelling in the cross to the world [Gal 6:14], here the love of God is shed abroad in the heart [Rom 5:5], and the way is opened into the inheritance which fades not away [1 Pet 1:4]; where nothing shall enter which is defiled [Rev 21:27]. For God is not seen but in the eternal light whence all pure wisdom comes. This treasure is not seen but with the spiritual eye; nor received but with the pure in heart [Mat 5:, and by those who dwell and abide in the eternal light. But the carnal heart may get the words from them who had received the wisdom, who dwelt in the fear of the Lord; but they who live without the fear, may get their words, and yet know not wisdom's gate [Prov 1:20f], whence those words proceeded, having the old bottle [Mat 9:17]. Watch all, therefore, and see what ye possess. For all who gave forth the holy scripture, who dwelt in the fear of God, they possessed the life which those words proceeded from; and the secrets of the Lord were with them. Therefore, all in your measure, which is of God, wait, that it may guide your minds up to God, and follow it, and not your evil desires, nor the lust of the world; for the fear of the Lord will keep your hearts clean, and the true wisdom will be with you in the pure heart. And every one that hath this light, which Christ hath enlightened them withal, the deeds that are evil, ye know to be so by the light; and this light will be their condemnation [John 3:19f], ye know it. And all who witness this light, and love it, their eye is in their head [Eccl 2:14], which is Christ [Eph 4:15], if they be ten thousands [Song 5:10, Jude 1:14?].

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LII. (52) — To Friends in the North.

All Friends in Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cumberland, Northumberland, Bishoprick, and about Newcastle, whose minds are turned to the light, meet together, and wait upon the Lord, and keep your several meetings in the light of Christ; that all your hearts may be joined together [Col 2:2], and ye all kept in unity up to God, the Father of lights [James 1:17]. The Lord God Almighty keep you and preserve you, that ye may all see the blessings of God; for the blessings of the Lord are among you. And that ye all with the light may know your minds kept up to God, to receive the wisdom of God, by which all things were made [Wis 7:22]; that with it ye may come to order the creatures [Wis 8:1], and in the wisdom of God ye may be preserved to walk wisely. And that no deceit nor slothful spirits be amongst you, nor hangers-on, getting the form, &c. who speak what they are not; all such I do deny, and with the light all such are to be condemned. Such cumber the ground [Luke 13:7], and stain the earth, that it cannot enjoy her sabbaths [Lev 26:34], nor yield her increase [Lev 26:4-6]. They that are so, and act contrary to the light, are by it to be condemned, and with it I do them deny, which light is one in all your consciences; that with the light your minds may be kept up to God, and all that which is contrary <68> may be condemned to the fire, which is for the fire. And I warn you all, in the presence of the living God, to take heed to the measure of the grace of God [Eph 4:7]; that with it your minds may be kept up to God, and that ye may all come to profit in the spirit. And from you all God doth look for the fruits of that spirit [Gal 5:22], of which a manifestation is given you to profit withal [1 Cor 12:7]. And to you this is the word of the Lord.

O friends! mind the seed of God, and the life of Christ. And take heed of being hurried with many thoughts, but live in that which goes over them all, that in it ye may reign, and live in the seed of God.

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LIII. (53) — Concerning the duty of all Friends in truth.

All Friends every where, that have wives, or that have husbands, or that have children, or that have servants; or servants that have masters, or children that have parents, that are not Friends,—this is to you all, that are in the light, ‘which lighteth every man that cometh into the world [John 1:9],’ that they, that act contrary to the light, and believe not in it, who know not the word, and will not be won with the word, (speaking to them,) that your chaste conversation [1 Pet 3:2] (ye walking in the light which comes from the word) may answer to the light in them, which they hate and walk contrary to; that your chaste conversation may judge them, and ye may win them by your chaste conversation, walking in the light, which answereth the light in them wherewith they are enlightened; which light comes from the word, which casteth down all that is contrary to it. That they that act contrary to the light, beholding your chaste conversation, and your good works, the light which they act contrary to may make them confess to your good conversation, and glorify your Father which is in heaven [Mat 5:16]; who are born of the light, children of light. That ye may receive the wisdom from above, which is neither earthly, nor sensual, nor devilish [James 3:15], with which ye may be ordered [Wis 8:1] to the glory of God [1 Cor 10:31], and with that order all that ye have to order. And to you this is the word of the Lord.

G. F.

Postscript.—‘Honouring all men [1 Pet 2:17],’ is reaching that of God in every man, for that brings to seek the honour of God [John 5:44]; the other fades, and reacheth not to that of God in man; for the saints, which were to honour all men, were in that of God which reached to that of God in all men. And they that are not in the spirit of God, dishonour the son, and miscal men, honouring and setting up that which is out of the truth, which is to be trodden under foot.

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LIV.— This is to be sent among Friends, who are in the light.

All my dear brethren, babes of God, born of the immortal seed [1 Pet 1:23], whose dwelling is in the power that upholds all things [Heb 1:3], which power is made manifest, which hath brought you to him that was in the beginning, before the world was, and with the life to comprehend the world, and that which is in it, and what it is, and what it lies in. All my dear babes of God, who are in the arms of the Almighty, dwell in the light, that ye may be manifested to the light of God in all consciences, that to the light which is of God, people's minds may be directed, and they come to receive the life, and to witness it, that gave forth the scriptures; that with the light ye may see them who act contrary to the light, who are for the sword [Heb 4:12], who are for the hammer, and who are for the fire [Jer 23:29]. Here not a deceiver shall stand, nor a false prophet, nor an antichrist [2 Jn 1:7, Mat 24:11], who oppose the light; but with the light all such are seen and comprehended. Which light is eternal, and was before the world was, which comprehends the world; which light is one in every man's conscience; which light is the condemnation of all that hate it, and of all that profession that is acted in that nature contrary to the light. My babes, dwell in the light, in the immortal seed of God, and grow up in it, and be clothed with Christ's zeal [Isa 59:17], having his mind [1 Cor 2:16]; that with the light ye may see them who are turned from the light, and act contrary to the light, who with the light are to be condemned. And so all they that make a profession of the scriptures declared from the light, and act contrary to the light that comes from Christ Jesus, and yet profess his command, their zeal is without knowledge [Rom 10:2], and they will persecute. For they that are in the self righteousness, are in that nature that acts contrary to the light, who with the light are to be condemned; which light leads to Christ, and brings to witness him, the Lord of righteousness. Therefore dwell in the light, that to the light in all consciences ye may be made manifest, to turn them from the darkness to the light [Acts 26:18], and so to Christ, from whence it comes; that with the light every one may see their salvation, Christ Jesus, and so ye may bring every one to sit under the vine Christ Jesus [Micah 4:4, John 15:1], and bring every one into the light, which comprehends the world, which is the world's condemnation, and all them that hate it. And bring every one to the light, which condemns all evil deeds [John 3:19f] and works of darkness [Rom 13:12, Eph 5:11], and works of the flesh [Gal 5:19]; that with the light they may all see, what shall enter into the kingdom of God, and what not. And bring all into the light, that they may see the false prophets, and the antichrists, and deceivers, which are all in that nature which acts contrary to the light; in which light is unity, with which light are they <70> all condemned. And to you this is the word of the Lord. And he who turns from the light, and gets the words of them that knew what they declared from the light, and makes a profession of them, his knowledge is brutish [Jer 10:14]. But he who dwells in the light, and with the light sees Christ, his knowledge is from that which is eternal; with which light the other is condemned, who acts contrary to it, though he may have the words declared from it. And all who are turned from the light, and make a profession of the words declared from the light, and gather there a great deal of wisdom, yet their minds are turned into the earth, which is a seat for the devil; there is the sensualness, there is the devilishness, and earthliness, there is the wisdom that is from below [James 3:15], which is acted in that nature contrary to the light; with the light that is comprehended, and with the light that is condemned. That wisdom is from below. But the light leads the mind up to Christ, from whence it comes, to receive the wisdom which is from above, and condemns that which leads from the light, for that is pure and gentle [James 3:17] which is from above; but the other is sensual, earthly, and devilish, perverse, and envious, and is with the light comprehended and condemned; which light is against the false prophet, whose words, knowledge, and wisdom is not from it.

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LV. (55) — Concerning the spiritual warfare.

The word of the Lord God to all my brethren, babes, and soldiers, that are in the spiritual warfare of our Lord Jesus Christ [2 Tim 2:3f]. Arm yourselves, like men of war, that ye may know, what to stand against [Eph 6:11]. Spare not, pity not that which is for the sword (of the spirit,) [Eph 6:17] plague, and famine [Rev 18:8], and set up truth, and confound the deceit, which stains the earth, and cumbers the ground [Luke 13:7]. The dead stinks upon the earth, and with it the earth is stained, therefore bury it. And wait in the light which comes from Jesus, to be clothed with his zeal [Isa 59:17], to stand against all them who act contrary to the light which comes from Jesus, and yet profess the words declared from the light; which are sayers, but not doers [Mat 23:3]. All such are to be trodden without the city under foot; and wo proceeds from the Lord against all such, and the stone is falling upon such, and fallen, to grind them to powder [Mat 21:44]. Arm yourselves like men of war; the mighty power of God goes along with you, to enable you to stand over all the world, and (spiritually) to chain, to fetter, to bind, and to imprison, and to lead out of prison [Mat 18:18?]; to famish, to feed, and to make fat, and to bring into green pastures. So the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you! And go on in the work of the Lord, that ye may trample upon all deceit within and without. And all they who are gathered together with the light, and their minds turned towards <71> Christ Jesus, who doth enlighten them, that they may all see the Lord Jesus among them [Mat 18:20], their head, and they his branches [John 15:5]; in the light waiting, and growing up in Christ Jesus, from whence it comes, they may bring forth fruit to the glory of his name. And all waiting and walking in the light, with it ye will see the Lord Jesus amongst you [Mat 18:20]. And ye will see with the light all that hate it, who profess Christ Jesus' words declared from his light, and walk not in it; by his light are they, and all their profession, condemned. And to you this is the word of the Lord.

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LVI. (56) — To call the minds out of the creatures.

All friends of the Lord every where, whose minds are turned within towards the Lord, take heed and hearken to the light within you, which is the light of Christ and of God, which will call your minds to within, (as ye heed it,) which were abroad in the creatures; that by it your minds may be renewed [Rom 12:2], and by it turned to God, with that which is pure to worship the living God, the Lord of hosts, over all the creatures. That which calls your minds out of the lusts of the world, will call them out of the evil affections and desires, and turn you from them, and set your affections above [Col 3:2]. And the same which calls your minds out from the world's teachers, and the creatures, and to have your minds renewed, there your obedience is to be known and found; and there the image of God is renewed [Col 3:10], and ye come to grow up into it. That which calls your minds out of the earth, turns them towards God, where the pure babe is born in the virgin mind [Isa 7:14]; and the babe's food is known, and the children's bread witnessed, which comes from the living God, which nourisheth up to eternal life. Which babes and children receive their heavenly wisdom from above [James 3:17], from the pure, living God, and not from the earthly one; for that is trodden under foot with such. And all who hate this light, whose minds are abroad in the creatures, and in the image of the devil, they may get the saints' words, (who received their wisdom from above,) in their old nature and corruptible mind; but such are murderers of the just [Acts 7:52], enemies to the cross of Christ [Phil 3:18], in whom the prince of the air [Eph 2:2] lodgeth, sons of perdition, betrayers of Christ [John 17:12]. Therefore take heed to the light, which is oppressed with that nature; which light shall condemn (as it ariseth) all that evil nature, and shut it out, and turn it out of the house. And so ye will come to see the candle lighted, the house sweeping and swept, and then afterward the pure treasure will be found [Luke 15:8]; and then the name of the eternal God will be exalted. And the same light that calls your minds, which were abroad, out of the world, the same turns them to God, the Father of light. Here the pure mind is known, and the pure God is <72> waited upon for wisdom from above; and the pure God is served night and day, and the peace which hath no end [Isa 8:7] is enjoyed. For ye may have openings; but your minds going into the lusts of the flesh, here the affections are not mortified. Therefore, hearken to that, and take heed to that which calls your minds out of the vile affections [Rom 1:26], and the world's lusts, to have them renewed; the same will turn your minds to God, the same light will set your affections above, and bring you to wait for the pure wisdom from, God from on high, that it may be justified. Wait all in that which calls your minds inward, and turns them to God; and here is the cross witnessed, that the mind shall feed upon nothing but the pure light of God, and on the living food which comes from the living God.

So, the Lord God Almighty be with you all, and keep you all in his strength and power to his glory, over all the world, whose minds are called out of it, and turned to God, to worship the creator, and serve him, and not the creature [Rom 1:25]. And the light of God, that calls your minds out of the creatures, turns them to God, to an endless being, joy, and peace. Here is a seeing God always present, who is not known to the world, whose minds are in the creatures, whose knowledge is in the flesh, and whose minds are not renewed. Therefore to you, whose minds are called out of the creatures, and out of the world and fading things, by the eternal light of God, the same eternal light which hath turned it and presented it to God, will bring you to see all these things, and those whose minds are abroad in the creatures; and so, judgment will be given upon that, and them who hate the light.

And, friends mind the seed of God, and dwell in it, which will bring you to reign over the world; and dwell in the power of the Lord, which will keep you clear in your understanding; that the seed of God may reign in you all, which is but one in all, which is Christ in the male and in the female [Gal 3:28], which seed the promise is to. Wait upon the Lord, to feel the just to reign over the unjust, and the seed of God to reign over the seed of the serpent [Gen 3:15], and to be the head, that all which is mortal, may die; for out of that will rise presumption. So fare ye well! And God Almighty bless, guide, and keep you all in his wisdom.

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LVII. (57) — To a Friend in distress, when the accuser had got in.

In the time of thy weakness the accuser of the brethren [Rev 12:10] is got in; therefore mind the seed of God to cast him out [Gen 3:15], and what may hinder thee from eating the things of the creation [1 Tim 4:1-4?]. So do not hear that, but mind the seed of the Lord, and thou wilt feel life and dominion.

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