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A key to Biblical allusions in early Quaker writings and early Quaker uses of Biblical phrases

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Texts in red are from the King James (Authorized) Version. Boldface indicates words and phrases for which variants occur in other early versions which Friends are known to have used. These variants appear in brackets in gray: G = Geneva Bible (1599); B = Bishops’ Bible (1595); T = Tyndale’s New Testament (1534); L = Brenton's 1851 translation of Septuagint (LXX). Although the LXX was not translated into English until the 19th century, it seemed important to represent it because of its influence on some other early English Bible translations, its appearance in NT quotations, and because Barclay at least was familiar with the original.


The keys are made up of the author's first and last initials; a third letter for title, and an optional fourth letter for the editor. Thus, Fox's Journal (Nickalls) is GFJN. Multi-volume works of an author are numbered AB1: etc. In the index, some entries (e.g., in anthologies) have an additional author code in parentheses. The author’s name is given where excerptss are quoted in the index.

Starred works are included in the first edition of the Quaker Bible Index (1993).

17th Century

George Fox, 1624-1691

GFJN              *[Journal] The Journal of George Fox. Edited by John L. Nickalls. Philadelphia, Religious Society of Friends, 1985.

GFEJ              *[Epistles] The Power of the Lord is over all; the pastoral letters of George Fox. Edited by T. Canby Jones. Richmond IN, Friends United Press, 1989.

GF1: -2:         Journal, ed. Thomas Ellwood (some indexing after Spence ms. ends on 2:169)

GF 3:              The Great Mystery

GF4: -6:          *[Doctrinals ] Gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection of doctrinal books...., v. I-III (Works, Philadelphia: Gould, 1831/State College: New Foundation, 1990. v.4-6)

GF7:-8:          Epistles, v.I-II (Works, v 7-8)

GFT               That thy candles may always be burning: Nine pastoral Sermons of George Fox. Edited by Max Skinner and Gardiner Stillwell with introductory notes by T. H. S. Wallace. A New Foundation Publication, 2001.

Margaret Fell, 1614-1702

MFS                 *A sincere and constant love; an introduction to the work of Margaret Fell. Edited by Terry S. Wallace. Richmond IN, Friends United Pr., 1992.

MFU                Undaunted zeal: the letters of Margaret Fell. Edited by Elsa F. Glines. Richmond IN, Friends United Pr, 2003.

James Nayler, 1617?-1660

JN1: [-4:]        The Works of James Nayler. Glenside PA: Quaker Heritage Press, 2003- v.1-4 (in progress)

William Dewsbury, ca 1621-1688

WDS             William Dewsbury, c1621-1688: One of the first Valiant Sixty Quakers. Facsimile of the main text of the 1836 book by Edward Smith. York, Sessions Book Trust, 1997.

Isaac Penington, 1616-1679

IP1:-4:             The Works of Isaac Penington, a minister of the gospel in the Society of Friends. Glenside, PA: Quaker Heritage Press, 1995-97 V. 1-4

IPL                   *The Light Within and selected writings. Philadelphia: Tract Association of Friends, n.d.

Thomas Elwood, 1639-1714

TEM             The history of the life of Thomas Elwood, written by himself. Edited and introduced by Rosemary Moore. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press, 2004.

Robert Barclay, 1648-1690

RBA                Robert Barclay: Apology fo the True Christian Divinity. Quaker Heritage Press, 2002

RBAF              * Barclay's Apology in modern English. Edited by Dean Freiday. Philadelphia, PYM, 1967.

William Penn, 1644-1718

WPR                *William Penn on religion and ethics; the emergence of liberal Quakerism. Edited by Hugh S. Barbour. Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1991. (Studies in American religion, 53)

WPT                William Penn, Twenty-First Century Penn: Writings on the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers. Translated into modern English by Paul Buckley. Richmond, IN: Earlham School of Religion, 2003.


EQ                   *Early Quaker Writings, 1650-1700. Edited by Hugh Barbour and Arthur Roberts. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1973.

HPS                 Hidden in Plain Sight: Quaker Women's Writings 1650-1700. Ed. Mary Garman et al. Pendle Hill, 1996.

18th Century

Samuel Bownas, 1676-1753

SBD                 *Samuel Bownas, A Description of the qualifications necessary to a gospel minister. Philadelphia: Pendle Hill Publications and Tract Association of Friends, 1989.

WTG               Wilt Thou Go on My Errand?: Journals of three 18th-Century Quaker Women Ministers: Susanna Morris, 1682-1755; Elizabeth Hudson, 1722-1783; Ann Moore, 1710-1783./ Edited by Margaret Hope Bacon. Wallingford PA, Pendle Hill Pubs, ©1994.

John Woolman, 1720-1772

JWJM              *The Journal and major essays of John Woolman. Edited by Phillips P. Moulton. Richmond IN, Friends United Pr., 1989 (c1971).

Job Scott, 1751-1793

JSS                  Job Scott, Salvation by Christ. Glenside, PA: Quaker Heritage Press, 1993.


David Ferris, 1707-1779

DFR                Resistance and Obedience to God: Memoirs of David Ferris. Edited by Martha Paxson Grundy. Philadelphia: Friends General Conference, 2001.


WTG               Wilt Thou Go on My Errand?: Journals of three 18th-Century Quaker women ministers: Susanna Morris, 1682-1755; Elizabeth Hudson, 1722-1783; Ann Moore, 1710-1783./ Edited by Margaret Hope Bacon. Wallingford PA, Pendle Hill Pubs, ©1994.

SIW                 Strength in Weakness; Writings by Eighteenth-Century Quaker Women. Edited by Gil Skidmore. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira, 2003.

Secondary sources

WBB                William Charles Braithwaite: The Beginnings of Quakerism to 1660. 2d. ed, 1955.

DGA                *Douglas Gwyn: Apocalypse of the Word; the life and message of George Fox. Richmond IN, Friends United Press, 1986.

RML                Rosemary Moore: The Light in their Consciences: the early Quakers in Britain, 1646-1666. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000.

LB                   *Lewis Benson: Notes on George Fox. 1981. (unpublished)

Online sources

DQC                Quotations from sources in Earlham School of Religion’s Digital Quaker Collection, a fully searchable database of Quaker writings.

CQW               More sources, both print and online, may be found in the Catalog of Old Quaker Writings, maintained by Larry and Licia Kuenning.

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