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<107> . . .

CV. (105) — Concerning the Light. (To be read amongst Friends.)

All Friends every where, keep your meetings waiting in the light which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ; so will ye receive power from him, and have the refreshing springs of life opened to your souls, and be kept sensible of the tender mercies of the Lord. And know one another in the life, (ye that be turned to the light,) and in the power, which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, who is your light, who is your life; that ye mayall in the life see Christ to reign in you, who is the truth, from whence ye have light. Here the old serpent is chained, and put into the bottomless pit [Rev 20:2f], and Christ is known to reign, and ye to reign with him[Rev 20:4]; heirs with him, joint-heirs, and heirs of God [Rom8:17]. Here is the dominion received and witnessed of the world that is without end, and the promise of life from the Father of life to you,who are turned to the son, who to the Father is the way [John 14:6], who is the mediator between the Father and you [1 Tim 2:5]. All wait to receive the everlasting priest [Heb 6:20], the everlasting covenant of God, of light,life, and peace [Isa 42:6, Ezek 37:26]; into which covenant no sin, no darkness, nor deathcomes, but the blessing of the only wise God [1 Tim 1:17], the Father of life, here is known, where no earthly man can approach [1 Tim 6:16]. But he that is of God knows God's truth; and he that is of the devil, doth his lusts,who was a murderer from the beginning, in whom is no truth, who in it abode not. So he it is thatspeaks alie, and speaks of himself [John 8:44], and not God's word; for he is out of the truth. But ye that are turned to the light walk in the light, walk in the truth, where no darkness is; with which light, that never changeth, ye may come to see that which was in the beginning, before the world was, where there is no shadow nor darkness. In which light as ye wait, ye will come to receive into your hearts the word of faith [Rom 10:8], which reconciles to God, and is as a hammer [Jer 23:29], to beatdown all that is contrary; and as a sword, to divide the precious from the vile [Jer 15:19]; and as a fire [Jer 23:29], to burn up that which is contrary to the precious: which word is pure [Psa 119:40], and endureth for ever [1 Pet 1:25, Isa 40:8 ]; which was in the beginning [John 1:1], and is now again witnessed and made manifest. Therefore wait in the light, that ye may all receive it, the same word that ever was, which the scriptures were given forth from.<108> . . . .

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[CVI.— To Friends, to keep in the life, out of janglings.]

CVII. (107)

My dear friends,—In the power of the everlasting God, which comprehends the power of darkness, and all the temptations in it, in that power of God dwell, which will keep and bring you to the word which was in the beginning [John 1:1], which will keep you up to the life, and to feed upon the same, over the power of darkness [Col 1:13]. In that ye will find strength, and feel dominion and life, and that will let you see, before the tempter was, and over him; and into that the tempter cannot come, for the power and truth he is out of [John 8:44]. And in that life dwell, in which ye will know dominion. And therefore, let your faith be in the power, and over the weakness and temptations, and look not out at them; but look in the light and power of God at the Lord's strength, which will be made perfect in your weakest state [2 Cor 12:9]. And look at the grace of God in all temptations, to bring your salvation, which is your teacher [Tit 2:11f] to teach you; for when ye look or hearken to the temptations, ye go from your teacher, the grace of God, and so are darkened [Eccl 12:3]. The grace of God is sufficient [2 Cor 12:9] in all temptations to lead out of them, and to keep over them.

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CVIII. (108)

Friends, wait in the light, that with the light every one of you may come to see Christ to be your wisdom, and your righteousness, and so come to see the body, his church, of which is the head [Col 1:18]: and in the measure of life waiting on the Father of life, ye may come to reign in the life. All that are kept here, are in pure joy and love. And in the light wait, that ye may see the harlots and idolaters, &c. which are to be fed with judgment [Ezek 34:16]. Spare not that which is for the sword [Jer 21:7] and for <109> the fire; let all fleshly-mindedness be trodden under your feet. And standing in the power, ye will see the seed slaying the fat [Ezek 34:16], and chaining and binding the unruly, and succouring all the lambs and babes. This is the word of the Lord to you.

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CIX. (109) — Concerning judging.

Friends, keep to patience: this is the counsel of the Lord to you. Do not judge one another [Rom 14:13] behind one another's backs, nor speak evil one of another [James 4:11], for that is that which soweth the enmity among brethren. Nor judge one another before the world, for that is that which is in the extremes, passion, and hastiness; and there ye let in the world's spirit to rejoice over you, and that is out of the patience, and love, and wisdom, and fear of God and his truth. And every one dwell in the seed and life of God, and in that know one another, and meeting together in that ye may see the Lord Jesus in the midst ofyou [Mat 18:20]. And, friends, go not into the aggravating part to strive with it, lest ye do hurt to yoursouls, and run into the same nature; for patience must get the victory, and answers to that of God in everyone, which will bring every one from the contrary. So let your moderation, and temperance, and patience be known to all [Phil 4:5], for that which joins to the aggravating part, sets up the aggravating part, and breeds confusion, and reaches not to the witness of God in every one. And Friends, keep out of the worldly wise part, for that will never let people join and unite together (in truth) which enters into the earth, and the apprehensions of words; but let innocency be the garment, and truth and simplicity the covering.Then in the innocency ye will have unity, where there is no evil thought, but love that thinks no evil [1 Cor 13:5].Therefore cover one another's nakedness [Gen 9:23]; let all things be done in love, and that will edify. And let the weight and preciousness of truth be in your eye, and esteemed above all things by you. For here is my grief, when I hear any thing amongst Friends, that hinders their unity, and makes a breach,(whereby the wrong gets ground,) who should live in the seed, which breaks the bond of iniquity [Acts 8:23], and makes up all breaches [Psa 60:2, Isa 58:12]; in which seed shine,answering the witness of God in everyone [Col 4:6/1 Jn 5:9], which bruises the earthly part under that brings forth briars and thorns [Heb 6:8], and spreads over the world, and all the contrary. . . . <110>

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[CX. (110) — To the prisoners at Exon.]

CXI. (111) — A warning from the Lord for plainness of speech to be used. (To go amongFriends.)

Friends of God and brethren,—This is a warning to you all from the Lord God and Jesus Christ, that all that ye speak, it may be in plainness of speech [2 Cor 3:12], according to that of God in all consciences, and that it may proceed from that of God in you, the light of Christ; that all your words be words of life to the life, and death to the death [2 Cor 2:16], where it reigns above the light. And that all words, which are spoken, be in plainness of speech; that the light of Christ in all consciences, which he hath enlightened every one withal [John 1:9], may witness your words to be the words of life: so that dwelling in the light, to that of God ye may be made manifest in all consciences [2 Cor 5:11]; which shall be their condemnation that hate it [John 3:19]. Ye that dwell in the light [1 Tim6:16], and walk in the light [1 Jn 1:7], use plainness of speech and plain words, single words in the single life, pure words from the pure life, seasoned words, seasoned with grace [Col 4:6], which teacheth to deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts [Tit 2:12]. They who live in ungodliness and worldly lusts, turn from the grace of God into <111> wantonness [Jude 1:4], who are light and vain, whose words are unsavoury, not seasoned with grace, whose words edify not; upon whom God will render vengeance in flames of fire [2 Th 1:8], who shall be separated from his presence and his angels. Therefore, friends, in plainness of speech all dwell; for dwelling in the light, it will bring you to plainness and few words [Eccl 5:2], to live in the life, which gave forth the scriptures, which was before the scriptures were given forth; and with it ye will see their conditions that dwelt in the life, and gave forth the scriptures. And with this light ye will see their conditions who were testified against (who were out of the life) by them who dwelt in the light; and with it all that comes to be seen, read, and understood, which was given forth with the life and from the life; and all comes to be known in plainness, and is with plainness spoken forth again. Which comes not by the will of man: for no prophecy of the scripture came by the will of man; all the prophecies in it were out of the will of man: and they witnessed and prophesied of Christ, who was born not by the will of man [John 1:13]; who was supposed to be the son of Joseph [Luke 3:23], but was the son of God. And all the apostles were made ministers by the will of God [1 Cor 1:1, etc], and not by man, nor of man, but by the will of God; and so they witnessed Christ, who was not born by the will of man, who were made ministers not by the will of man: and they witnessed that no prophecy of the scripture in old time came by the will of man, neither was it of any private interpretation; but holy men of God spake it as they were moved by the holy ghost [2 Pet 1:20f], the holy mover, which is but one. . . . And ye all walking in this light, it will bring you to all plainness and singleness of speech; which will make the deceit to tremble, and the mystery of iniquity [2 Th 2:7] to shake, which lodgeth in the temple and sits there, where it ought not to sit, and is exalted above all that is called God: now, with the brightness <112> of his coming is he discovered, and with the breath of his mouth he is to be consumed [2 Th 2:8]. So dwell all in the eternal power of God, and in his pure light, that ye may be a terror to all evil doers [Rom 13:3], and to all ungodliness, and to all who act unrighteously, and live in uncleanness. And so ye will come to use plain words and plainness of speech to them all, and no flattery shall dwell in you, no enchanter nor witch shall live [Deut 18:10, Exo 22:18], no hypocrisy shall stand before the judgment-seat of God; but shall be as the chaff, driven to and fro [Psa 1:4f?]; that the scripture may be fulfilled upon them. . . . And abiding in Christ, who is the vine, every one will come to witness yourselves to be as branches abiding in the vine [John 15:5], and sitting under the vine [Mic 4:4].

. . . .Therefore in the life dwell and walk every one in particular; then ye will have unity one with another, and grow up to be trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord [Isa 61:3].

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[CXII. (112)]

[CXIII. (113) — To a Friend in the ministry.]

CXIV. (114)

Dear brethren, in the mighty power of God go on, to which power of the God of heaven and earth, all the powers of the earth must bow; that to that of God in all consciences ye may be made manifest [2 Cor 5:11], that that in them which is of God may witness that ye are sent of God. Dwell in the life of God, that to the spirits in prison [1 Pet 3:19] ye may minister, and to it be made manifest, that ye are no deceivers, but saviours, and such as are sent to lead from all deceivers, and to testify against them. So, in the mighty power of God go on preaching the gospel to every creature [Mark 16:15, Col 1:23], and disciplining them in the name of the Father, son, and holy spirit [Mat 28:19]. In the name of Christ preach the mighty day of the Lord to all the consciences of them who have lain long in darkness, (and under its chain) [Jude 1:6], where the light shined, but the darkness could not comprehend it [John 1:5]. So, in the power of the Lord God go on, and thresh that which hath been fed with the harlot's spirit, and the harlot famish,which hath and doth prison the just. I charge you in the presence of the living God, dwell in his power, thatwith his power ye may be carried along to minister to all the spirits imprisoned [1 Pet 3:19] by the deceit. As the life of God doth arise, it will lead you up to God, the Father of life; in this your fruits shall never wither. But go on to plant a vineyard, and to <114> plough, that ye may eat the fruit thereof; and to plant in hope, and to thresh in hope, that ye may be made partakers of your hope [1 Cor 9:10]. And to thresh out the corn, that the wind may scatter the chaff, that the corn may be gathered into the barn. So, in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ preach the everlasting gospel [Rev 14:6], that by his power the sick may be healed, the leprous cleansed, the dead raised, the blind eyes opened, and the devils cast out [Mat 11:5]. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ go on, that that of God in all consciences may witness, that ye are sent of God, and are of God; and so according to that speak, to bring up all unto the head Christ, and into the life which gave forth the scriptures; for there is the unity, and out of it is the confusion.

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CXV. (115) — To Friends, concerning the word of life.

Friends and brethren, the eternal word, from which ye have both spoken and ministered to others, is the word of life [1 Jn 1:1], the word of peace, the word of reconciliation [2 Cor 5:19], which makes of twain one new man [Eph 2:15]; and if ye do abide there, there is no division but unity in the life which was before death was, and before division was. Therefore that which is divided is of the kingdom that cannot stand [Mark 3:24], and is for condemnation by the life and word of reconciliation. That which speaks the evil language I do deny; for that which speaks so doth not see thoroughly. Therefore in the light wait, where the unity is, where the peace is, where the oneness with the Father and the son is, where there is no rent nor division; but all one in Christ Jesus [Gal 3:28], the everlasting fountain of life [Psa 37:9] and covenant of peace [Ezek 37:26]. The son of man cometh not to be ministered unto, but to minister [Mat 20:28]. Where the life and fulness dwells it hides and covers from that to which the curse is; that so it may minister forth to the seed's seed.

Sound, sound the trumpet abroad, ye valiant soldiers of Christ in his kingdom, of which is no end [Luke1:33]! All the antichrists in the kingdoms (of fallen men) are up in arms against Christ.

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CXVI. (116) — Concerning judging in Meetings.

Friends, do not judge one another [Rom 14:13] in meetings, ye that do minister in the meetings; for your so doing hath hurt the people, both within and without, and yourselves under their judgment ye have brought. And your judging one another in the meetings hath emboldened others to quarrel, and judge you also in the meetings. And this hath been all out of order, and the church order also. Now, if ye have any thing to say to any, stay till the meeting be done, and then speak to them in private between yourselves [Mat 18:15], and do not lay open one another's weakness; for that is weakness and not wisdom to do so. For your judging <115> one another in meetings hath almost destroyed some Friends, and distracted them. And this is for want of love that beareth all things [1 Cor 13:7]; and therefore let it be amended. No more, but my love.

Friends, if any amongst you have movings to do any service for the Lord, when they have done it let them return again with speed to their habitation, and there serve the Lord in their generation; that no slothfulness may be amongst you. But all keep in diligence, that no occasion may be given to any ‘to speak evil of the truth [2 Pet 2:2];’ but that ye may answer that of God in all [Col 4:6/Rom 1:19]. So give no offence; for wo is to those by whom offences do come [Mat 18:7]. Yet quench not the spirit [1 Th 5:19].

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CXVII. (117)

. . . . Friends, dwell in the measure of the spirit of God, and to it take heed, that in it ye may grow; for the true and lasting love proceeds from God, who is eternal. And abiding in the measure of life, ye will have peace and love, that never changeth; if from the measure you turn iniquity gets up, and so the love waxeth cold [Mat 24:12], and in that lodge the evil thoughts, jealousies, evil will, and murmurings. Wait in the light, which is of God, that ye may all witness the son of God, and witness that which shall never wither; so ye will see and feel God near.

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CXVIII. (118)

Let no Friends go beyond their own measure given them of God, nor rejoice in another man's line made ready to their hands [2 Cor 10:16]; lest that get up, and would be justified, which is to be condemned. And that which will boast, and be justified in the sight of men, is out of the kingdom excluded [Rom 3:27]. Therefore in the measure of life wait, and with it be led to have power over your own wills, (which are mortal and changeable,) that the way of righteousness may be found, where your wills are shut out, which causeth the hastiness and the strife, to run into words without the life, where judgment and condemnation do overtake you. Wherefore delight in judgment, which leads to the door of mercy.

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[CXIX. (119)]

[CXX. (120)]

[CXXI. (121) — To Friends, to take care of such, who suffer for owning the truth.]


CXXII. (122)

Friends,—To that which is pure, I speak, in which is unity, where no defiled thing shall enter. Silence all flesh [Zech 2:13], who strive about words, in which is no profit; who would draw you out of your conditions, and others out of their conditions [2 Tim 2:14]. Therefore be low, and mind that which is low, to draw you out of contention. And strive not for mastery [1 Cor 9:25], and do not exercise lordship over one another [Mark 10:42]; but mind that which is pure, which keeps you in the fear of the Lord God. For if your minds go from that which is pure, which leads to God, your nakedness will appear [Rev 3:18] to the world; and then ye go in your own wills and strength, and there is the seat for mastery and pride, out of the will of God, and that is out of the unity, out of the oneness, out of the way; and instead of building, ye destroy; and instead of edifying, ye draw back into the world. Therefore all be low, and wait upon the Lord [various, e.g. Isa 40:31], and be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath [James 1:19]; be low, and wait upon God, to receive the living food from God, to nourish you in time, with that which was before time; that God in all things may be glorified [1 Pet 4:11]. So the Lord God Almighty direct you and bring down all fleshly wills; that the pure may be raised up. So meet together and wait upon God, if there be not a word, I charge you. Beware of contention, for there ye get above that of God in the conscience, and so go out of the fear of the Lord.

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CXXIII. (123) — Men in the fall are in the wars and strife, but truth restores and brings into peace.

Dear Friends,—My love is to you all in the everlasting seed of God, <118> that never changes nor falls, nor gives itself to that which doth change, which is not of this world, but is over it, and was before the world was; in which is the steadfastness, and stayedness, and life eternal. Which reigns over all the airy spirits [Eph 2:2], (and that which doth change,) and remains, and is as the winter fruit,and stands when all the untimely figs [Rev 6:13] are gone. Mark, and the seed is not as the corn that grows upon the house top, that withers [Psa 129:6]; for the leaves that this seed brings forth, never fade [Ezek 47:12] nor fall; for the leaves thereof heal the nations [Rev 22:2] which are wounded. . . . For the seed, in which the blessing is, is felt, and the life, and the light, and the righteousness, and the truth, that answers the witness of God in all men and women [Col 4:6/1 Jn 5:9], whether they will hear or forbear [Ezek 2:5]. And so, all that are in Adam in the fall, both men and women, and there remaining in the fall, they never are in rest nor peace, but are in travails, wars, strife, fightings; the lusts being the ground of all this [James 4:1]. And whimsies and imaginations, fancies, false visions, false dreams, arrogancy, pride, ambition, swellings, puffed-upness, that brings shame and covers them with shame; which they possess that are in the fall, out of Christ, the second Adam, that never fell. For in Adam in the fall is all the (inward) foul weather, storms, tempests, winds, strifes, the whole family of it in confusion, being all gone from the spirit and the witness of God in themselves, and the power and the light; in which power, light, and spirit is the fellowship with God and one with another, through which they come out of Adam in the fall, into the second Adam that never fell, the quickener [1 Cor 15:45/1 Pet 2:22], who awakens old Adam's children in the fall out of their sleep of sin, and brings them out of his ways up unto himself, the way, Christ that never fell nor changed, and out of and from his teachers, and priests, and shepherds, &c. that change and fall, to the priest, shepherd, and prophet, that never fell nor ever changed, nor ever will fall or change, nor leave the flock [Zech 11:17] in the cold weather, nor in the winter, nor storms, nor tempests; nor doth the voice of the wolf frighten him from his flock. For the light, the power, the truth, the righteousness, did it ever leave you in any weather,or in any storms or tempests? And so his sheep know his voice and follow him [John 10:4], who gives them life eternal <119> abundantly; who saith to all that are dead in Adam [1 Cor 5:22], ‘I am come,’ mark, I am come,‘that ye (dead in Adam) might have life [John 10:10].’ . . .

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CXXIV. (124)

My Friends,—Be faithful and keep your meetings; and in that light wait, which comes from the head, Christ, in whom are all your lives; from whence ye have your light, which is the life [John 1:4] in the son. And ye, who do witness the high calling in Christ Jesus [Phil 3:14],and are redeemed by him out of the world, and are become new creatures [2 Cor 5:17], walk above the world, and be not hasty [Eccl 5:2]; but in the light and life wait, that with it your minds may be directed, and guided, and joined together with that which is immortal and undefiled [1 Pet 1:4], in one spirit, up to the immortal God. And that with the spirit which he hath given you, ye may witness the one baptism into one body [1 Cor 12:13], and ye all with the light may see the one faith, which Christ is the author and the finisher of [Heb 12:2]; and that ye may all see the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls [1 Pet 1:9], with that which gives you the victory over the world [1 Jn 5:4]. And fear the Lord, and take heed of strife, and live in peace and love one with another, believing all in the light which maketh manifest; that all ye may be the children of the light [John 12:36]. And this belief giveth the victory over the world. He that is of this faith, is born of God [1 Jn 5:1]; and he that believeth in the <120> light shall not abide in darkness [John 12:46], nor shall ever be confounded [1Pet 2:6]. For he believeth in that which manifesteth that, which is to be confounded and trampled upon; and he shall not be condemned, but shall have the light of life [John 8:12]. And he that believeth not in the light is with the light condemned already. And he that heareth not the voice of the son of God doth not live, but is in death. Therefore he that heareth not the light which comes from Christ the life, heareth not the voice of the son of God, and he cometh not to life. And the hour is come that they which have been in the graves, have heard the voice of the son of God and do live [John 5:25,28]; and they that do not hear the voice of the son of God do not live, but are in the death and the grave. And they that come to believe in the light hear the voice of the son of God and live, and out of the condemnation are come; and live over death,and the grave, and hell, and so come to life.

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[CXXV. (125)]

[CXXVI. (126) — For Friends, to dwell in love and unity.]     <121>

[CXXVII. (127)]

CXXVIII. (128) — To all Friends, to keep in the power of God, out of the cares of the world.

All Friends, to that which is pure, take heed, that with that all your minds may be kept up to God, who is pure; that as the lily ye all may grow [Hos 14:5], and receive wisdom from God how to use the creatures in their places, to the glory of him that created them. For wo is unto you, that lay up for the latter day with covetousness; ye act in that nature contrary to the light, taking thought for to-morrow ‘what ye shall eat, and what ye shall drink, and what ye shall put on.’ Look at the life which is more than food, and the body which is more that raiment; and consider the lilies and ravens, and who feedeth them, and clotheth the earth? [Mat 6:25-30] That in the faith ye may stand, and with it ye may come to see him who is invisible [Heb 11:27]. He who lays up for the latter day with covetousness, goes from that, which should keep him out of days, up to God, the beginning of days; here the Ancient of Days [Dan 7:9] comes to be seen, and the life out of death springs, and a diligent serving God is known, and everyone for his family provides. For he is worse than an infidel, that doth not [1 Tim 5:8]. That which was before days were, mind, which brings to be diligent, serving the Lord; and that keeps down the destroyer. And that keeps down the covetous and the fleshly principle, and that which would run out into the observation of days [Gal 4:10]. And that keeps the life up, out of the earth, and keeps from trusting in the riches that are uncertain, and brings to trust in God, who is living [1 Tim :17], who is the condemner of all the gods, who have eyes, and see not [Psa 115:5]; who keep people under their dominion from the light. But all who take heed to the light, see God, who is living, who seeth all things.

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[CXXIX. (129)]


CXXX. (130) — To all Friends, to dwell in the truth, the life of God, the light, &c.

All Friends, dwell in the truth; in my Father's house there are many mansions [John 14:2], said Christ. And ye all, that know the life, go not from it. Heed not words without life; but heed that which lets you see and know the Father. For mountains will arise, and may arise. But this is the word of the Lord God, and a charge to you all in the presence of the Lord God, heed the power and life, the power which ye have formerly known and tasted of; and that will keep you, until the day of salvation [2 Cor 6:2], and that brings you to know the kingdom of God to stand in righteousness [Rom 14:17], &c. and that will bring you to comprehend deceit, and to fathom it, and bring you to be over the deceit of the world. So ye that know the power of the Lord God, heed it, and it will remove questionings out of your minds; it will remove that which causeth trouble to come into your minds. But if ye go from the power, the formal part gets up in you, and the wonders you will run into. But the power of God is the gospel [Rom 1:16]; and ye that have received the power of God, ye have received the gospel; and he is cursed that preacheth any other, yea, if an angel from heaven [Gal 1:8]. For Christ is the power of God [1 Cor 1:24], to whom the angels must bow. And Christ Jesus, who was born (of a virgin,) crucified, and is ascended, (and there is no other), [John 3:13] all of you, that are turned to the light, wait to have him born in you [Gal 4:19], every one in particular. ‘I am the light of the world [John 8:12],’ saith Christ, by whom the world was made [John 1:3], who doth enlighten ‘every man, that cometh into the world [John 1:9].’ Who is the ‘bread of life, that came down from above; and who eateth of this bread, lives for ever [John 6:35,48,51,58].’ Now, every one of you having a light from Christ, the bread of life, wait, and with and from it you will see, know, and have your food in due season. Now, every one that comes into the world, having a light from Christ Jesus, who is not of the world, and being turned to this light [Acts 26:18] which he is lighted withal, he is turned to Jesus Christ, from whence it comes. And here none shall say ‘Lo, here is Christ, or lo there is Christ [Mat 24:23];’ but <123> every one with the light, which comes from him, shall see Christ, (and shall see the Father, through the spirit that proceeds from the Father and the son [John 15:26],) and the glory that he had with the Father before the world began [John 17:5]; and shall have dominion over all the contrary in the male and in the female, having a light from him, that gives the ‘light of the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Christ Jesus.’ Which light shines in your hearts [2 Cor 4:6]; and there shall every one feel their treasure in the earthen vessel [2 Cor 4:7], and the power which is of God. Now, whosoever goes from the light, which they are enlightened withal, they go into the darkness, and they go into the wonders; and run out gazing, and saying, ‘Lo he is here, lo he is there.’ I am come a light into the world, (saith Christ,) which every one, that cometh into the world, is lightened withal, which light is the covenant; and every one who is in the light, is in the covenant with God.

. . . . And who go from the light within, go from the Emmanuel [Isa 7:14], from the saviour within, Christ Jesus, and from the truth in the inward parts [Psa 51:6], and from the mediator between you and God [1Tim 2:5], and from the vine; and so, ye bear not fruit [John 15:4] to the glory of God. And going from the light within, ye go from your peace, and from the covenant of God; and going from the light within, ye go from the life, where every one receives the light of life. And who go from the light within, go from the increase of God [Col 2:19]; who go from the light within, go from the anointing within them [1 Jn 2:27], and so continue not in the son, nor in the Father. All who go from the light within, go out of the covenant of eternal life. But every one walking in the light within, which he hath received, he shall there receive the bread of life, Christ, whom the light comes from. And so, having your food within, ye shall not go forth to gather it; but he that is in the light, and believes in it, comes to know the garner, whereinto the wheat is gathered, and the chaff, that is to be burned with unquenchable fire, and the floor thoroughly purged [Mat3:12]; and the immortal crown is known.

Therefore all Friends, keep in the power, and know the power of God in one another, and the life that stands in God; that out of all dryness and barrenness ye may be brought, and kept in the living and eternal spirit and power. And so, the God of glory keep you from the evil that is in the world, in glory, and in unity, every one in your <124> measures. Now, the power of God will never be shaken; that which is to be shaken, (or tossed,) is out of the power, and the power remains; therefore dwell in the power which throws down all that which may be shaken, (or tossed,) and raiseth up that which can never be thrown down nor shaken [Heb 12:27]. . . . Wait all this to know, here is the path of righteousness [Psa 23:3] and purity; and nothing shall stand but the mountain of the Lord [Zech 8:3]. Glory to the Lord in the beauty of holiness [Psa 29:2], which is felt and seen! And all being kept in the light, and walking in that [1 Jn 1:7], which ye are enlightened withal, ye cannot be in the strife; for the the enmity is out of the light, and the vain boaster, which comes to nothing, but is judged and condemned. And when that ye are met together in the light, hearken to it, that ye may feel the power of God in every one of you. So here comes your ear to be opened to hear the counsel of the Lord God; and here the eye comes to be opened to see the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of you [Mat 18:20], ye all sitting under your vines [Mic 4:4]. So, every particular wait on him,who received not honour of man [John 5:41], neither glorified himself; but the light, which enlighteneth every one that cometh into the world [John 1:9], is a witness against all them that seek their own glory [John 7:18], or glorify themselves, or bear witness of themselves [John 5:31]. Now they who receive honour from man, are from the light, both he that gives, and he that takes it; and it is to be stained, and the light stains it, and condemns it. So every particular of you, to you this is the word of the Lord God, know the son of God to be revealed in you [Gal 1:16]. And know the seed, which is Christ, to which the promise of God is; that ye may all witness the seed of the woman to bruise the serpent's head in every one of you. That you may all witness ye are come to him that was in the beginning; and to the seed of the woman, which bruiseth the serpent's head [Gen 3:15] in every one of you in your own particulars. Then ye all will come to feed on the bread of life, that comes from above. And such are redeemed out of the transgression, who are here, that witness this. But where the seed of the woman hath not bruised the serpent's head, and that which abides not in the truth [John 8:44], reigns; there is the transgressor. So, that which is <125> out of the truth reigning, the serpent being head, he sows his seed, his seed goes forth from him, and his food, his meat is dust [Isa 65:25]; for he could not feed upon life that abode not in the truth, which is the life. He that abides not in the truth, which is the life, his food is dust; and he it is that is tormented. And who are out of the truth, are out of the worship of God; for who are the worshippers of theFather, they must be in the truth and in the spirit [John 4:24]. And being in the spirit and in the truth, they are in that the devil abode not in, but is out of; and all false ways, and seducers, and deceivers, and false worshippers are out of. And Jerusalem's worshippers, and Samaria's worshippers, and the worship that is at the mountain [John 4:21], and the idolatrous worshippers, and the worship of devils [Rev 9:20}; all these are out of the truth, and outof the spirit that changeth not. But who are in the truth and in the spirit, they are atop of the world, and atop of him that abode not in the truth; their feet are shod with it [Eph 6:15]. Therefore every one of you that are come into the world, coming all to the light ye come to your armour [Rom 13:12], ye come to that which lets you see sin; it is the armour against it; it is the eye, with which ye see that which must be cut down and judged to death. In which truth, which is the light, we have fellowship one with another [1 Jn1:7]. And this is the counsel of the Lord God to you, dwell all in the power of God, which is the gospel of peace. And the power of God is the cross of Christ [1 Cor 1:18]; and ye that feel the power of God, ye feel Christ; for Christ is the power of God. The power of God is but one, and the light is but one, and the cross of Christ is but one, which is the power of God; and the gospel of truth is but one, which is the power of God, and there is no other. Ye that come to know these, look for no other. And Christ is that one in the male and in the female, which is the seed, which the promise of God is to; and there all wait to find him,and receive him. ‘Know ye not, that Christ Jesus is in you, except ye are reprobates [2 Cor 13:5],’ said the apostle; so now, if ye are reprobates, ye are wonderers and gazers in Adam, in transgression, out of the light, out of the life, out of the power, out of the truth, out of the way, which is Christ [John 14:6]. But being in the life, ye are in the way, in the truth, in the power of God, in Christ, out of transgression, in the second Adam, the Lord from heaven [1 Cor 15:47], out of the transgression of the first Adam. And if Christ Jesus be in you, the body of sin is dead [Rom 6:6], and ye are brought to God; and the Emmanuel being known, ‘God with us’ [Mat 1:23] is witnessed by every one of you, that are redeemed by him out of the transgression, who are in the second Adam. So, if Christ Jesus be in you, and ye in him, the body is dead [Rom 8:10]; and ye are alive to righteousness, and death is brought into death.

Friends, dwell all in the light, and then ye will dwell in covenant with God, and with God ye will have peace. And friends, all dwell <126> in the light, that ye may receive the wisdom of God, by which all things were created; with which wisdom ye may come to order all the creatures. And be low, as babes and little children, for the little children receive the kingdom [Mat 19:14]. And so, all know the promise which is to the seed; and know the seed of God in one another, that there be no master but Christ, who bruiseth the serpent's head, where debate and enmity are, which are the cause of strife. So, let the seed be master in the male and in the female, that the ground of strife, which would be master, may be kept under, and the seed, which the grave could not hold under, be the ruler; so that ye may witness the rock that the gates of hell cannot prevail against [Mat 16:18], nor the temptations of the devil.

G. F.

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